I'M BACK!!!'s been a minute.

A lot of people have sent me messages via social media, or even emailed me privately asking the same question...


Sometimes as an artist, it's complicated. I went from doing shows in Houston with 20 or 30 people in attendance, to performing for the first time in Lagos, Nigeria in May of 2012 at Eko Hotel, with 5,000 people hanging on my words. Change happens FAST. Unfortunately, that change isn't always in a positive direction. I thought I had a beautiful thing at my prior record label with other great artists, and I believed that something special was building, but it's sad when a record label goes under; it feels like it buries the dreams of the artists that were once part of it. Couple that event with other life issues and it just felt in 2014 like I was starting from ZERO. I tried to make music, but everything was dark and uninspired. The same in 2015. Was this something that I could ever do again?

Well here's the answer: YES.
I know exactly who I am now. No fancy record label. No one directing me to make "pop music" or feed into whatever is trendy. I'm making exactly the kind of music I've always wanted to make: music that tells a story that people can relate to and feel empowered by. It's not always going to be perfect. I'm going to invest all that I can, and it will seem hopeless at first because I'm starting from scratch, but if ONE person feels I told their story, feels inspired, feels spoken for by what I'm doing, then I've accomplished my biggest goal.

If you're reading this, I hope you're one of those people.